Cooperative control

UAVs are becoming increasingly popular in both civilian and military applications. With greater stress on the use of UAVs operating closely together in teams, there is a greater pressure on current air space management techniques. Therefore, a solution to the problem may be achieved if groups of UAVs are modeled as birds in a flock that automatically manage their own air space based on a set of flocking rules. In this work we use swarm intelligence to develop different collision avoidance algorithms for a team of UAVs.

Related Publications

  1. Rajnikant Sharma, Mangal Kothari, Clark N. Taylor and Ian Postlethwaite, “Cooperative target-capturing with inaccurate target information”, Proceedings of the American Control Conference, Baltimore MA, p. 5520-5525, 2010.
  2. Rajnikant Sharma, Debashish Ghose, “Collision avoidance between UAV clusters using swarm intelligence techniques”, International Journal of Systems Science, v.40 n.5, p.521-538, 2009.

Related Videos

1. Group wise collision avoidance

2. Individual collision avoidance

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